Protected Audio Streaming Service

Protected Icecast SHOUTcast Audio Streaming Service by

We offer Protected audio stream hosting service, block unauthorized use of your streaming links in other 3rd party websites. Securely stream only through your Android or iOS app, block other apps and websites. Protected Icecast audio streaming service. Geo blocked streaming service. Stream authentication service provider.

We have been in the audio streaming industry for the past 10 years, so in our experience we have seen a lot of people stealing and using other people's streaming links without prior permission. We know that this problem is causing bandwidth loss and most importantly huge loss of income to many individuals and companies. That is why we are now providing the best and most complete solution to this problem. That is Protected Audio Streaming Service or technically called as stream authentication service.

With this service, you can lock your audio steaming and make it playable only on your website or through an Android App or through any other special hardware device. You can use our audio streaming service or bring your existing streaming link (we will restream it and block unauthorized usage as per your request).

What types of blocks are possible.
Stream only on your website
Stream only through an Android / iOS application
Block unwanted relays/restreams
Geo blocked audio streaming or block listeners from specific country only
Block/allow only certain IP address ranges
Block/allow specific user-agents

Benefits of Protected Stream
Save bandwidth
Save server’s processing power and RAM
Divert listeners to your app or website to increase advertisement revenue.
Provide on-demand content only through your app or website.
Allow only the authorized users.
Stream only to certain countries as per your copyright permission.

Price: $49/Month


Why the price of protected streaming service is higher than your other services?
The price is slightly higher because we need to run a separate authentication server which will verify every single listener and allow or block then in matter of milli-seconds.